Vehicle returned to owner after carjacking, but strange items left inside

Melbourne police continue investigating

MELBOURNE, Fla. – Brandy Johnson was visiting a Chevron gas station on Babcock Street and Brevard Drive when a man took her car.

She tried to go after him, but he got away with the vehicle and some of her other personal belongings. It happened last Sunday.

This Sunday, Johnson's car was towed back to her — but inside were some items that weren't hers. 

"There was marijuana on my seat,” Johnson said. “There was a whole rolled joint right here in the ash tray. The credit card scanners were underneath the seat. I found those this morning."

Johnson's car was recovered by the Melbourne Police Department after it was pulled over on U.S. 192 and Interstate 95.

She said the driver of the vehicle was different than the thief who took her car and was caught on surveillance video.

“I noticed right away that it's not even my keys, so then I’m like, wait a minute, this isn't my car,” Johnson said. “And it's not my radio. Everything looks weird.”

The people in the car were taken in for questioning, police said, but they were later released, claiming they had no idea the car was stolen.

Johnson is still shaken up from being dragged around the parking lot with her arm still in the car.

"I can't even go to that gas station anymore,” she said. “I’m petrified of even going to a grocery store, to be honest."

Johnson is happy to have her car back, but was surprised to find so much evidence left in the vehicle.

"All of this right here, there's plastic pieces everywhere — my radio is sitting on the floor,” Johnson said. “I opened this (and) all of this stuff was theirs, all crammed in here."

Johnson said she believes the car was stolen and then sold, which was why different people were driving it.

The car is now in bad condition. 

"It's overheating, it's got an oil leak (and) it putters when you start it,” Johnson said. “It's not in the same condition I bought it in. I don't know if that’s from the high-speed chase they were in, or if they were dogging it out while they had it."

Johnson’s purse was given back to her by a man who found it on his front lawn.

The person seen on surveillance video is still out there. If you have any information, you’re asked to call police.