How gas station skimmers scammed mother, daughter out of hundreds

Harper says she feels taken advantage of


TITUSVILLE, Fla. – "My daughter's debit card, whenever I checked her account it had all of her money drained out of it pretty much," said San Harper.

Harper says she feels taken advantage of after she says a visit to Cumberland Farms, a gas station on Satterfield and the 405, left her 19-year-old daughter's debit card empty and her credit run up a couple hundred dollars.

"The only place in common that my daughter and I had used our two separate cards with unrelated banks was here at the Cumberland Farms," said Harper.

San says she noticed the strange transactions after a call from the bank, that the money was charged over the Black Friday holiday weekend.

"They told me that there was two transactions that I was not familiar with that I had not completed. I went online and looked at it," added Harper.

She thinks these crooks were holiday shopping, because hundreds were spent on gift cards in Walmart and Winn-Dixie.

"People are sly these days and they get away with things. How many people out there have come to the gas pump and not checked their transaction. How many people next month are going to pay their bill and be paying for somebody else's gift cards or some charges they made without their authorization," added Harper.