Pair of pit bulls kill Chihuahua, border collie in Holly Hill

Man came home to find dogs dead

HOLLY HILL, Fla. – A Holly Hill man came home Wednesday to find a pair of pit bulls that lived next door had jumped the fence and mauled both his dogs to death, the Holly Hill Police Department said. 

The owner came home Wednesday around 6 p.m. and was alarmed when he didn't hear his two dogs barking. He went to the backyard to find his pets when he saw his Chihuahua lying dead with teeth marks on its neck. 

The man's border collie was nowhere to be found, so the man went inside to look for it. There he came face-to-face with a large pitbull growling at him from the bathroom. The man slammed the door shut, exited the home and called 911.

Officers used a catch pole to capture the brindle-colored pit bull as it attempted to free itself. As officers were taking that dog away, they found another less aggressive pit bull in the bathtub.

Once that pit bull was removed, officers were able to see the border collie dead in the bathroom. 

The man told officers the pitbulls belonged to his neighbors and he believed the dogs jumped the fence, attacked the Chihuahua then chased the border collie inside through a doggie door.

The owner of the pit bulls, 26-year-old Christina Speicher, released custody of the dogs to the city and agreed for them to be euthanized.

Police are investigating for any criminal or code enforcement violations.

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