Hilarious 'In Memoriam' found in Florida newspaper


MIAMI – A family used the Miami Herald obituary page to update their dearly departed mother about the current political landscape.

And it was hilarious.

The South Florida family of Eva Barchan, who was 93 or 94 when she passed away in 1999, paid for an "In Memoriam" in Friday's newspaper.

In it, they offer their well wishes and let her know that someone named Ira almost joined her in the afterlife, but that he seems to be doing just fine.

However, it really gets going at the end when they inform Eva of what's been happening in the White House since she left this Earth.

"The election is over," the In Memoriam reads. "We had a black President and now we will have an orange one."

And that was that.

We expect another In Memoriam update in four or eight years.


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