Space Coast singer's 'Surfing Santa' song a success

Music video going viral on Facebook

COCOA BEACH, Fla. – Every Christmas Eve, hundreds of surfers gather at 2 Minuteman Causeway in Cocoa Beach for the "Surfing Santas" event.

Founder George Trosset, his wife and son paddled out for a Christmas Eve surf in 2009. Since that day, hundreds of surfers and spectators have joined them for their "Surfing Santa" event.

One of those surfers was Anna Lusk, a Space Coast native, and an original music artists who specializes in children's songs. 

Three years ago, Trosset had an idea to make a music video for the beloved Cocoa Beach event and asked around town for someone to help. That's when he was connected with Lusk.

Lusk created two music videos for the event in 2014 and 2015, which were covers of popular pop songs. But this year, she wanted to write an original piece on what the event means to her.

With the covers, Lusk said, "I didn't feel like I was giving my soul," and said the original song she wrote for "Surfing Santas" this year "really touches me. I hope people listen to the lyrics, because they mean a lot to me." 

The music video, featuring Lusk's original song, was posted to the Surfing Santas of Cocoa Beach Facebook page Thursday. It already has more than 55,000 views.

Trosset is very excited about the video's success, not just because of the exposure, but because he feels Lusk's lyrics really capture what the "Surfing Santa" event is all about.

While writing the song, Lusk focused on what the Santa event meant to her. She often doesn't like to get caught up in the holidays because of the commercialism of it all, but said she loves Surfing Santas because "it's one event and one day where you don't need money to come out, anyone can come with any board and their families and become a part of a new tradition. It brings so much joy. You can't look out with seeing red and green surfing Santas." 

Lusk's music videos have become a tradition as well, and the local artist said she would love to continue making Surfing Santa songs whether it features her, or other local artists.

"(The success of this video) means people are still open to new ideas and new songs more than I thought they would be," Lusk says.

The 7th annual "Surfing Santa" event will take place this year in Cocoa Beach. All proceeds from the event will benefit the Grind for Life organization and the Florida Surf Musuem. For more information on the Surfing Santa event, visit their website

Official Video: Surfing Santa

Oh Surfing Santa! The official Surfing Santas of Cocoa Beach music video is out! Music: Anna Lusk | Video: NPI Productions Website:

Posted by Surfing Santas of Cocoa Beach on Thursday, December 1, 2016