Drivers worried about safety at intersection in Apopka

Utility pole creating dangerous situation for drivers

APOPKA, Fla. – Some drivers want to see the utility pole at the intersection of Rock Springs Road and Welch Road removed. They said it blocks their view of oncoming traffic when turning right onto Rock Springs.

"I live right over there and I come out on that intersection quite a bit, and you have to slowly pull out to make sure no one is coming and then people behind you get impatient and don't understand why you're not going ahead and turning, so yeah, it's stressful," driver Lisa Durham said. 

Durham said she doesn't even bother trying to turn right anymore and just goes straight down Welch instead. 

She's not the only one, either. Other drivers said they get just as nervous at that intersection. 

"Especially when everybody is getting off work and it's rush hour. There are lot of traffic issues around here," said another driver who didn't want to be identified. 

The problem has gotten so bad drivers are now complaining on Facebook, too. One person asked the mayor for help; the mayor responded to the post by saying the city is doing a study on that intersection. He said a recommendation should be available soon on what improvements are needed. From there, they'll have a discussion on how to pay for them. 

News 6 reached out to the city for Apopka for more information on the study, and is still waiting to hear back.