Photo of 'Happy Hour Playset' stirs online outrage

Toy not real, Fisher-Price says


HOUSTON – It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but some parents weren’t so jolly after seeing a picture of what appeared to be Fisher-Price’s newest toy -- the “Happy Hour Playset.”

The photo features the box containing the tot-sized bar, which is rated for ages 3 and up. On the box, two toddlers can be seen nursing beer bottles while a surly, pint-sized bartender in a bow tie wipes the counter.

After the picture was shared on Facebook by comedian Amiri King, parents began voicing their concerns and downright disgust with the toy company.

That, in turn, prompted Fisher-Price to assure parents that the toy is not real.

"We promise you that is not a real Fisher-Price product, and thanks for giving us the opportunity to clear things up," the company replied to some of the tweets from parents.

The photo was created by New York City-based branding agency owner and father Adam Padilla, according to NBC News.

Fisher-Price seems to take the whole fake-toy thing in stride, saying they loved a recent Saturday Night Live spoof of “Wells for Boys.”

"As a premiere childhood development company focused on helping families get the best possible start in life, we take our role in developing toys and products very seriously, but can appreciate the recent product-development suggestions as obvious love of the brand,” Fisher-Price said in a statement to NBC News.

So, those who love Fisher-Price can rest assured. There’s no saloon for your toddler in Santa’s bag this year.

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