Seminole deputies hope to prevent holiday crime

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. – Seminole County sheriff's deputies are going door-to-door in neighborhoods across the county to spread the message of holiday crime prevention.

In an effort to keep citizens safe during the holidays, the Sheriff's Office launched the annual campaign by delivering greeting cards with awareness tips.

"Crime doesn't discriminate through the seasons. There's always crime," Sgt. Celines Rios said.

With a typical spike in burglaries during the holiday season, deputies said it's important for families to take extra precautions to make sure they don't fall victim.

"When you're out shopping or if you're at home," Rios said.  "Whatever it is that you're doing, always have a sense of awareness."

Tips outlined on the fliers included keeping wrapped presents out of view, breaking down boxes after the holidays and not advertising travel plans.

Deputies said those planning to leave town can request a free "House Watch" by calling 407-665-6650.

Neighbors who received flyers in the Wethersfield neighborhood Monday said they also keep an eye on each other's property this time of year.

"The best thing we have is like what we have here in this neighborhood: neighbors knowing your neighbors," Timothy Cambridge said.

In addition to holiday safety tips, the Sheriff's Office also handed out a list of year-round safety services, which can be found at SeminoleSheriff.org.​

Deputies said they will continue extra patrols in neighborhoods and around shopping centers through the end of the year.

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