Daytona Beach teen accused of making bomb threat against high school

(Ferre' Dollar/CNN)

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. –  A 16-year-old central Florida boy is accused of making a bomb threat against his high school.

Daytona Beach police say the teen told other students at Father Lopez Catholic High School he decided to stay home on Friday because he planned to have some "explosive fun."

Police interviewed a student who said the teen told him "don't come to school Friday."

The teen told school officials he had no intention of blowing up the school, according to the police report.

An arrest report notes that a dismantled iPod was in the student's backpack, which school officials saw as an attempt to make a detonation device. The teen and his father said the boy was trying to repair it.

The teens told investigators other students have called him a "nerd" and a "school shooter" type, so his "explosive" comment was an attempt to play along.

The teen is charged with making a false bomb threat and interfering with the lawful function of an education institution.