Want to estimate the cost of your holiday light bill? This tool helps you do that

Kissimmee Utility Authority holiday lighting calculator estimates holiday bill


KISSIMMEE, Fla. – If you have holiday lights on your home or in your yard this holiday season, you can calculate what your holiday electric bill will be, if you are a customer in Kissimmee.

The Kissimmee Utility Authority holiday lighting calculator allows customers to choose types of lights they are using, the number of bulbs per strand and the hours per day, giving them a total of cost per day and cost per month.

More energy is usually used during the holiday season, but this calculator will help customers estimate the cost of their bill and give a cost analysis comparing incandescent lights to those with LED bulbs.

The light strand options include 100-watt C9 LED, 700-watt C9 incandescent, 50 watt C7 LED, 500-watt C7 incandescent, 500-watt mini LED iand 40-watt mini incandescent.

For more on the holiday calculator, visit http://www.kua.com/holidays.