Man caught on video taking cash from tip jar at Titusville sub shop

Mr. Submarine Sandwich and Subs manager says man comes to sub shop often

TITUSVILLE, Fla. – Surveillance video from Mr. Submarine Sandwich and Subs shows a man in a red hat casually walking up to the counter pretending to read a menu. Then, when no one is looking, he sticks his hand in the tip jar and grabs the cash.

He waits a couple of seconds before he walks out.

"I was on the phone with a customer, and I heard the tip jar jingle a little bit and I figured somebody threw some tips in it or something," manager Kattlyn Mcallister said.

Mcallister said the man in the video comes to the sub shop often usually to try to sell random things to customers. She said this time, he came in with baby clothes, which is what she said he was holding in his hand to cover the money.

"I kind of noticed he didn't order and wasn't talking to anybody and he left, so once we got a moment, we checked and there was no more tips in there," Mcallister said.

Cody Sturgill said he was busy making subs and the shop was packed when it happened.

"There was a lot of customers in our lobby that I was surprised they didn't even notice him take it. He got it when everybody was busy and distracted," Sturgill said.

Mcallister said the tip money goes to everyone at the end of the night and that on a good day, there could be $100 in there.

"It's sad kind of, because we all work really hard for our money," Mcallister said.

"I hope he does right next time. What he does really does affect other people. Those tips really do help other people out," Sturgill said.

Police said they have a possible suspect, but have not connected him to the crime. Anyone who has any information is asked to call police.