VIDEO: Florida fishermen reel in jumping shark

That shark got some serious air


INDIAN ROCKS BEACH, Fla. – This shark got some serious air! 

Four Florida fisherman caught a video of what appears to be a Mako shark leaping out of the water as they were trying to reel it in onto their fishing boat.

Taylor Danowski, who post the video to Facebook, said the shark was about 55 feet off Indian Rocks Beach in Pinellas County. 

Since posting the video Sunday, it has gotten over 200 shares and has started trending on Facebook pages. 

Danowski says this video is only a clip of the full one, which shows the shark eating and then being released.


Here's a little clip from the mako today, got the whole video from him eating to releasing it. Pretty insane to see a shark get that much hang time, 55 ft off Indian rocks!!

Posted by Taylor Danowski on Sunday, January 15, 2017