Extreme Makeover Penguin Edition: Wonder Twin grows feathers

A penguin has a new reason to ruffle her feathers


A female penguin that received a great deal of attention for her looks has a new reason to ruffle her feathers.


The penguin, named Wonder Twin, has been in the spotlight since October when she received a custom wet suit as part of her care at SeaWorld Orlando.


Her story attracted guests at the park to see her in the Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin habitat with her little SeaWorld wet suit on.


The 26-year-old Adelie penguin experienced feather loss that often happens to penguins in their natural habitats and wild populations. SeaWorld’s aviculture and wardrobe teams stepped in to design a wet suit to mimic her natural coat of feathers and help her regulate her body temperature on her own.


After continuous care from the SeaWorld team and help of her wet suit, Wonder Twin has now begun 2017 with a new coat of feathers and no longer needs her outfit.


SeaWorld has said in December she began to eat better, swim more in the cold water and molt her own feathers.


Now shedding her out-of-season wet suit, Wonder Twim will be able to blend in with the rest of the penguins in her exhibit.


Wonder Twin’s makeover story is only one of many animals who are helped by SeaWorld’s care and veterinary teams.