Florida woman accused of scamming, stealing from elderly

Victim: 'I hope they put her in jail'

DELTONA, Fla. – A crime spree finally over now that 60-year-old Sonia Gautier is behind bars. The Volusia County Sheriff's Office said Gautier stole money and credit cards from at least six people but believe more victims are out there.

Darlyn Wummer, 69, is one of those victims.

"Just heartbreaking to think that someone would do that to someone else," Wummer said.

Wummer said Gautier was at her garage sale two weeks before Christmas and pretended to be interested in her bedroom furniture.

"She gestured toward the furniture. When she gestured, she had already scoped things out. My wallet was laying on the dresser and she picked it up," Wummer said.

Wummer said she charged more than $700 at Walmart and took more than $500 in cash, which Wummer was going to spend on her grandchildren.

"The cash was gone. Christmas was gone. It was very disappointing," she said.

If Gautier wasn't posing as an interested buyer, deputies said she pretended to be a health care worker, checking for insurance cards.

"I'm scared for him," said Jim Condomitti, the son of another victim.

In September, Condomitti said Gautier stole from his 93-year-old father and took $300 in cash. She also stole his credit cards.

"She took the wallet, looked at the card and distracted him somehow. She took a couple of credit cards and rang up a bill of over $600," he said.

Gautier is now facing 54 felony charges that include burglary, dealing in stolen property, theft of a credit card and illegal use of a credit card. The judge slapped Gautier with a $335,000 bond and deputies said more charges could soon follow, as more victims step forward.

"When we're just surviving on Social Security, to have someone take what we do have, is just really sad. I hope they put her in jail and let her know what it's like to pay for what you did," Wummer said.

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