'Shocking' pregnancy test ad drawing laughs


MIAMI – There are times when a pregnancy test comes in handy. 

The couple that appears in an advertisement for the Predictor pregnancy test are definitely not in one of those situations.

The woman holding the pregnancy indicator wears a shocked look on her face when learning the results. The man behind her, presumably the dad, but who knows, seems equally stunned.

There's just one not-so-tiny problem? The shocked woman is already pregnant.

Like, way pregnant.

Did she ever look down? Did she think she was just putting on a little extra weight? Is that where she carries a spare basketball?

If you're that far along in your pregnancy and still need confirmation, maybe it's time to rethink the entire "having kids" thing.

According to Scary Mommy blog, the ad for the Dutch pregnancy test is actually a few years old, but has gone viral recently after it appeared on Twitter.