Federal taxes past due? A debt collector may be calling

Government-approved companies assigned 380,000 taxpayers

Central Florida taxpayers who have a tax bill past due may be one of the 380,000 Americans
getting a call from an IRS approved debt collector this tax season.

Although the actual start date for the calls has not been announced private companies will be calling
taxpayers in an attempt to recoup funds from so called” inactive tax receivables.”

Chi Chi Wu an attorney with the National Consumer Law Center told U.S.A. today “The IRS’ hand was forced by Congress.”

The move comes to get uncollected funds with 25 percent going to the collection agencies, 25 percent to the IRS and the remaining half to the U.S. Treasury Department.

The agency has always advised taxpayers that the IRS will never ask for payments by phone following a wave of impostor calls demanding payments by debit or credit card to avoid instant arrest.

Some observers are concerned the policy will open the door to a new scheme by phone.

Venar Ayar, a tax return expert, said it will “invite all kinds of fraud and phishing.”

Ayar said taxpayers need to be vigilant and if a caller seems a little off just hang up and call the IRS.

“Everybody has the right to ask that their file be transferred back to the IRS” Ayar said, "I would do that every time.”

For more information on tax scams and your rights go to: https://www.irs.gov/uac/tax-scams-consumer-alerts

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