Smartphone 101: How to see hidden purchases, downloads, set restrictions on phone

Google Play, Apple App Store have options for both devices


Whether you are a fan of Apple products or Android products there are many things that parents can do to monitor their child’s smartphone. News 6 wants to help you Get Results for your family in monitoring downloads, hidden purchase and set parental controls.

Setting up restrictions on Apple Devices
For Apple products, you can set up parental controls on your child’s device by doing the following.
1. Select Settings
2. Select General
3. Select Restrictions
If the restrictions are not enabled on the device it will say Off. To turn on the restrictions for the device you tap the restrictions button.

Then you set up a password that allows you to change your restrictions settings or to turn them off.

Setting up Parental Controls on Android devices
For Android products you can set up parental controls by doing the following"
1. Go to the menu on your device.
2. Select Settings
3. Select Parental Controls
4. Then enable Parental Controls by turning them On

You will be instructed to set up a PIN to change parental control settings. Experts advise you to use a separate pin that is not widely known by your kids.

Parental controls are only enabled for the device you set them up on. You will need to repeat these steps for any additional devices.

Check to see what apps your kid has downloaded on their phone for iOS device
1. Launch the Apple Store and login using your Apple ID.
2.  Then you need to go the Purchased tab on your menu. When you select purchased you should be able to see all of the Purchases associated with this Apple ID. 
3. You can select a family member’s name to view the content that each person has downloaded.

The only way this will work is if Family Sharing is enabled, to learn more about setting up family sharing go here.

How to check hidden purchase on iOS device
1. Launch the Apple Store and sign in using your Apple ID
2. Select View My Account and then you will need to enter your Apple ID password, when prompted.
3. Once you log in you view the Account Information page and select View Hidden Purchases.
4. From Hidden Purchases, select the app that you want to unhide and select Unhide.

How to enable automatic downloads on iOS device
To turn on automatic downloads on iPhone, iPad or iPod. Here is what you need to know:
1. Go to the settings tab on your device
2. Select  iTunes  & App Store
3. Enable content by swiping music, apps, iBooks and updates
Any updates for new purchased will now be automatically downloaded.

This only works if you are using the same Apple ID on your phone as on your child’s--but you should make sure you’re only doing that for iTunes content to monitor their downloads. They still need a separate Apple ID for their phone calls, messages, etc. or it can mess up both of your accounts.

How to set up Google Play family library on Android devices
For Android products you can set up Google Play Family library by doing the following:
1. Open the Play Store app
2. Select the Menu
3. Select Account
4. Select Family
5. Select Sing up for Family Library
6. A prompt will open to set up your Family Library

A total of five family members can have access to the Family Library. However,  invitees must be 13 or older, have a Google Account, reside in the same county as the family manager and must not be in another group.

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