Meet 3-week-old baby manatee "Lime"

Manatee born at Blue Spring State Park makes social media debut

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – A manatee born at Blue Spring State Park in January made its social media debut Wednesday.

The 3-week-old calf, named "Lime," was recorded swimming with a group of sea cows, known as an aggregation, in the fresh water spring.

Save the Manatee Club posted a video of Lime and Lemon to their Facebook page Wednesday.

Lime's mom, Lemon, gave birth to her on Jan. 15.

People can watch Lime and the other manatees on the park’s livestream of manatee activity at Savethemanatee.org.

Save the Manatee Club, established in 1981 by musician Jimmy Buffett and former Florida governor Bob Graham, protects Florida’s endangered water mammals and tracks their activity around Florida.

Much like most Floridians, manatees don't do well in the cold, so when temperatures start to drop, they flock to warmer waters. This means the winter months are the perfect time to see wild manatees at local state parks and wildlife refuges, where spring water hovers right around 70 degrees all year round.

Click here to see a map of where to see manatees around Florida.

Lime at 3 weeks old

Enjoy a short video of baby "Lime" at Blue Spring - she's now 3 weeks old! (:3)

Posted by Save the Manatee Club on Wednesday, February 8, 2017