Teens arrested in rash of Orlando car burglaries

Could your car be at risk for a break-in?

ORLANDO, Fla. – Orlando Police arrested three teens in connection with a rash of recent car burglaries in the Orlando area, including more than 50 at Florida Hospital on Sunday.

The teens, ages 14 and 15, were arrested around noon on Tuesday, according to a news release. An officer attempted to approach the teens, who had parked a 2011 Honda Accord near Tropical Tire and Auto, but the teens ran away from the officer, police said.

The teens were arrested and taken to Orlando Police Headquarters. One refused to answer any questions, but the other two admitted to being responsible for the car break-ins at Florida Hospital and Orlando Health, police said.

Police said the car the teens were driving had been reported stolen on Jan. 22. The teens claimed they bought the car on Friday or Saturday for $100. Inside the car, police found several items that were reported stolen during the recent car break-ins, according to the news release.

It's unclear if police believe the teens are responsible for breaking into more than 25 cars in Altamonte Springs Monday night. One of the victims in that incident said the broken car window would cost at least $400 to repair.

News 6 reporter Erik von Ancken demonstrated just how easily criminals can smash windows almost silently using an "emergency hammer" device that effortlessly breaks the glass. Watch the video here to see how that device works.

You can also follow the tips below to keep your car safe from crooks. 

Keep everything locked up
The most important thing is to lock your car as soon as you get out of it. It may be simple, but thieves can enter your car in a split second.

Remove the keys from the ignition
Removing your keys will help keep thieves at bay when an issue arises. Also, make sure to make sure that you do not leave your car running.

Close up windows and sunroofs
An open window could be an open invitation to anyone who is looking to break into your car. Also, an open window could affect the way a car alarm operates and disable the alarm.

Check your surroundings
Before you park your car, make sure to check your surroundings. Being vigilant could help you or anyone who is parking next to you. What should you look for? Park in a well-lit area, if you are parking at night. Make sure that you check around your vehicle for anything that looks suspicious.

Stash it before you park
If you are going to hide something under your seat or in the back seat of your car, do so before you park, preventing thieves from observing your hiding spot before you park. Make sure to keep valuables out of sight and take them out of your car before you park.

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