Pulse-inspired TV show causes backlash

Pulse survivor calls television series 'disgusting'

ORLANDO, Fla. – A local producer announced he's trying to make a TV series inspired by the Pulse nightclub shooting, and he is already getting backlash from survivors of the mass shooting.

"I'm not for it at all," Jeff, a Pulse survivor who doesn't want his last name used, told News 6. "No. 1, it's too soon. It's way too soon." 

Jeff was shot four times during the Pulse massacre and spent two months in the hospital afterward. He is very clear about how he feels about a TV series inspired by the tragedy.

"It's a terrible idea and it's disgusting," he said.

It's called "Pulso 360" and it is based on true events, according to its Facebook page.

Local producer Aleksander Sagrav said he has produced films in the past as well as plays for the Parliament House.  He said he knows why some people are upset.

"I think it's because they are confused about the story," he said.

Sagrav will produce, direct and write the gay Spanish series.

According to the release, the series will start after the shootings, with the main character outside of the nightclub.
Seven other characters are supposed to show the audience what the LGBT community faces on a daily basis.

Isabella Lopez, known around Orlando as Chantelle Demarko, portrays a local transgender celebrity who has faced discrimination.

"I will not enter a project that would minimize or capitalize on what happened," she said.

Lopez and Sagrav said they both lost friends in the tragedy. Beyond the inspiration, the rest of the series would be complete fiction with spiritual themes, Sagrav said.

"But, it's nothing to do with how this guy went inside that club that night and did what he did," he said

"Love and hope for the LGBTQ community, no it's not," Jeff said.  "You're just using the Pulse tragedy as a jump-off for your show, to bank and make money."

The plan is to have 13, 30-minute episodes, according to Sagrave.  It is still unclear where they will air.

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