Records: Florida Hospital rehab director filled pain pill prescriptions in child's name

Perch accused of calling in fake prescriptions for Hydrocodone


ORMOND BEACH, Fla. – New details have been released in court documents after an employee of Florida Hospital Oceanside was arrested for prescription fraud.

Investigators said that Howard Perch, 50, works as the director for rehabilitation services. Perch is accused of calling in three fake prescriptions for hydrocodone in the summer of 2014. Federal agents said that two of the prescriptions were written for Perch's child.

The DEA said that Perch picked up the prescriptions from a Walgreens less than a mile from his work.

A pharmacist at the Walgreens called police in July of 2014 after finding the last prescription suspicious because it was called in on a weekend. Investigators also said that security cameras inside the Walgreens captured Perch picking up the narcotics.

Federal agents said that the physician's name on the prescription was Dr. Gerald Woodard. Investigators said that Woodard claimed he never wrote the prescriptions for Perch or his child, alleging that Perch illegally used his DEA reference number.  

However, court records show that Woodard's wife then called the DEA, saying she is the attorney representing Perch in the investigation of using frequently using her husband's DEA reference number.

During a search of Perch's medical records at the end of January, investigators said Woodward legitimately wrote Perch a prescription for hydrocodone and oxycodone four times after Woodward was made aware of the allegations against Perch.

News 6 left a message with a secretary for both Dr. Gerald Woodard and his wife, Kathy.

Florida Hospital said the DEA has not contacted the couple in regards to Perch's case.

State records showed that Woodard has staff privileges at Florida Hospital. The hospital told News 6 that any time there are allegations of substance abuse, an internal investigation is started.

News 6 also left a message with Perch's attorney. 

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