Fake account tweets Oviedo High School cancellation

Oviedo High will be in session Friday, school district says


OVIEDO, Fla. – Seminole County Public Schools issued a statement Thursday night to make parents of students at Oviedo High School aware of a hoax tweet that went out stating that school would be canceled Friday.

The tweet, sent out by a fake account -- @SCPSInformation -- cited excessive amounts of student-elicited violence as the cause of the cancellation.

The fake press release that was captured in the tweet read, in part, "A board decision has been made not to hold class at Oviedo High School on Friday... Multiple incidents of violence have been reported by administration and disciplinary departments, with multiple rumored incidents also being monitored."

SCPS said law enforcement is investigating who may be responsible and reminded parents that should there ever be a real cancellation, the district would use its phone and email blast alert system to notify families.

The school district said its real Twitter handle is @SCPSinfo and that school will be in session Friday.

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