5-year-old DeBary girl fighting cancer named 'Warrior Princess'

Rylee Bernosky receives outpouring of support

LAKE MARY, Fla. – Sunday was a good day for a 5-year-old DeBary girl in the fight of her life as she battles a brain tumor.

News 6 first told you about Rylee Bernosky last month when she asked viewers to send her letters to her very own mailbox while she stays at home recovering.

The viewers made her very happy with all of the mail she received, but then Sunday, the Lake Mary Fire Department got results as well.

Rylee clung to her dad, waiting quietly and patiently for the sounds of sirens screaming down her street.

After a fire truck arrived, Rylee was carried up into the truck, and for more than just a ride around the block.

"My goal is for one hour of the day is to get the kids off the chemo, their minds off the radiation, the going from hospital to hospital and let them have a good time for an hour our of the day," said firefighter Bruce Williams.

About a year ago, the department began taking kids with cancer for rides and making them honorary firefighters. Sunday was Rylee's turn.

Even Mayor Bob Garcia stopped by with a special proclamation.

"We are declaring her as DeBary's Warrior Princess this day," he said. "The way she's going through this -- she's truly a warrior, she really is. She's our blessing."

Rylee needed the pick-me-up.

"She's tired," said her dad, Wade Bernosky. "It's tough, but we're pulling through it."

Rylee is about halfway through her six weeks of radiation treatment after her brain tumor was removed in December.

"She's just now in the process of losing her hair, and she doesn't want anyone to comb her hair," said Rylee's uncle, Mike Bernosky. "For a 5-year-old, that's to be expected."

The cards, proclamation, firefighting and, most importantly, the love from her daddy, her family, her community and all of Central Florida will help the shy but strong 5-year-old fight the next round of her life during six months of chemo. Her dad said he is hopeful with all the love.

"She gets better and now go to school, and instead of having friends as doctors, friends at school, and get back to school and regular life," Wade Bernosky said.

Doctors told him that Rylee has an excellent chance of beating the cancer, but it will be a long, expensive road.
"Rylee's Warriors" have set up a GoFundMe page and started selling T-shirts, because her dad hasn't been able to work.

Click here to visit Rylee's GoFundMe page.

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