Flamingos flock to the Brevard Zoo

Zoo welcomes 40 Chilean flamingos


MELBOURNE, Fla. – It's a flamingo fest at the Brevard Zoo!

Wednesday morning, 40 Chilean flamingo flocked to their new habitat in the Brevard Zoo.

The 40 new flamingos will join their 13 pink-feathered friends that already reside at the zoo. Eleven Chilean flamingos and two American flamingos already live in the habitat.

The Brevard Zoo built a new structure before the birds' arrival to provide all of them with shelter and nesting opportunities. The zoo expects to see breeding and possibly chicks in the coming years.

Florida Institute of Technology animal behaviorist Dr. Darby Proctor and her students will observe how the birds behavior and how they interact socially in their new home.

Chilean flamingos are considered "near threatened," due to egg harvesting and habitat loss. 

The Brevard Zoo said on their Facebook page that so far, all the flamingos seem to be getting along nicely in their new home. 


Forty Chilean flamingos were introduced to the Zoo's central loop yesterday, growing our flamboyance to a whopping 53 individuals!

Posted by Brevard Zoo on Thursday, February 16, 2017