Lights to be added in Winter Garden parking lot after attempted carjacking

City officials hope residents will feel safer

WINTER GARDEN, Fla. – Ellen Boeddecker, 20, sometimes mans her mom's wellness shop in the heart of Downtown Winter Garden and said she usually feels safe, except when she has to dart back and forth to car.

"It can be a little scary at night," she said.

She parks in what she said is a dark lot behind the shop. It's a parking lot behind a doctor's office on the corner of Joiner Street and South Woodland Road in Winter Garden.

"It's kind of dim," Boeddecker said. "Especially in the parking lot. There are more lights on the street out here and more on Plant Street, but back behind where Joiner (Street) is, it's a little less lit."

She said she feels less safe after hearing a 72-year-old great grandmother and her 21-year old roommate were attacked in an attempted carjacking Saturday night. 

"I was surprised because I haven't heard of anything that severe," Boeddecker said.

News 6 emailed each of Winter Garden's city commissioners and Mayor John Rees. Rees responded within minutes.

"I talked to the city manager and they will come back to me with a recommendation or what their thoughts are," Rees wrote in an email.

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