Business owner has $10,000 worth of equipment stolen

'Whoever done this came prepared,' owner told News 6

ST. CLOUD, Fla. – A St. Cloud business owner is hoping to get results after thousands of dollars' worth of equipment was stolen within a week.

"Whoever done this came prepared and probably followed my trucks in to see where they parked," said Gary Killette.

Kilette has owned Gary's Grading Inc. for more than three decades.

He's had equipment stolen in the past but this recent theft has packed a punch.

In a week's time, Killette has had equipment worth about $10,000 stolen from his construction company.

"It's tough. You get on your, start to get on your feet, where you're really busy and hiring and all this stuff and bam, you know, someone does this," said Killette.

Last Sunday, Killette said someone stole a trailer from the job site.

That set him back about $4,000.

Last night, he got a call about eight tires and rims that had been stolen from a brandnew dump truck.
To add insult to injury, whoever stole the tires used material from Killette's own stockyard to keep the truck propped up.

"This was not a one-man operation. There's no way that one guy could have came in here and stole all these tires," Killette said. "It had to be several guys and they had to plan this out, in my opinion."

Killette said the lock to the gate was broken and the latch to the trailer on site was ripped off.

Although there was  some pricey equipment inside the trailer, so far it doesn't look as if any of it was stolen.
Killette thinks whoever stole the tires and rims had their hands full.

"It hurts every day. I mean, especially nowadays, you don't get paid like you did 10 years ago for all these jobs you're doing," Killette said.

Police were out Sunday gathering evidence and fingerprints.

Killette is looking at setting up a fence and installing surveillance cameras in  the area.