Lake Nona residents 'suspect shame' on social media

Locals frustrated with recent car break-ins

LAKE NONA, Fla. – Residents in Lake Nona are sick and tired of all the car breaks-in lately, so now they're posting surveillance photos of the alleged thieves on their community Facebook page, hoping it will help them get results.

"We're going to have each other's back on this. Hopefully that will help send a signal that this is really not a place for you to come mess around with," Mike Moline said.

Moline said he always tries to keep an eye out for his neighbors, but he said that doesn't seem to be enough these days.

"It's just a little curious why this is happening. Like what's going on?" he said.

The Orlando Police Department reports that there have been at least 10 car breaks-ins since January, but residents claim there have been a lot more. Earl Walker just heard about one incident the other day.

"There was something on our neighborhood website where someone's stuff was taken out of their car, including a passport, drivers license and stuff like that," Walker said.

He said it's sad to think that someone is going around his neighborhood breaking into cars, but he's not exactly surprised either.

"There's a little bit of money out here, I suspect. The houses are pretty nice. If I was going to go Halloween trick-or-treating with my kids, this is the kind of place I'd go to. So I imagine it's the same reasons. People get a little lazy. Come home late. Leave their cars open. It's easy to get into," he said.

Police encourage residents to lock up their cars and to remove any valuables, to ensure they don't become victims.