'White Boy' accused of holding woman hostage, raping her, deputies say

Suspect forced victim to cook for him, choked her, deputies say

Cummins AKA "White boy" is accused of sexual battery.
Cummins AKA "White boy" is accused of sexual battery. (OCSO)

WINTER PARK, Fla. – A man known as "White Boy" was arrested after Orange County deputies said he sexually battered a woman for hours in her apartment, forced her to cook for him and abused her dog.

Deputies said the incident started Friday after the victim invited Adrian Cummins, 19, also known as "White Boy," to her home to watch movies.

The victim told deputies that Cummins started acting "strange," speaking in an Irish accent. When she asked him about the accent, he said he was raised in Morocco. Cummins is white and lives in Winter Park.

Cummins told the victim that he "had been sent to kill her," the woman said.

Cummins used a chef's knife from the victim's kitchen, grabbed her by the hair, forced her into the bathroom and made her to take off all her clothes, according to the arrest report. He locked the door and prevented her from leaving by threatening her with the knife.

The suspect attempted to sexually batter the victim by forcing her to perform oral sex and have vaginal sex with him, the report said.

Cummins was unable to get an erection and became angry, deputies said.

"His physical inability to perform made White Boy angrier," deputies wrote. He grabbed the victim "around the throat (and) squeezed hard."

The victim told deputies that she lost consciousness several times. Deputies also wrote that they saw deep bruising on her neck.

After attempting to assault the victim, deputies said he walked her to the kitchen and "ordered her to cook him dinner."

The victim said she thought about throwing boiling water on Cummins to get away, but he ordered her to move away from the stove.

After Cummins ate a hot dog, he dragged the victim by the hair to the bedroom and tried to sexually assault her again, according to the arrest report.

Cummins threw the victim's dog into the bathroom and threatened to hurt the dog, deputies said. Cummins continued to repeat that he "had to kill her" but that he did not want to, according to the report.

Cummins forced the victim to shower before he left her apartment.

After the assault, Cummins texted the victim and said "Hey," and asked if she had talked to police, according to the report.

When the victim said no, a third text message said, "K," deputies said.

Cummins is charged with sexual battery with a deadly weapon, aggravated battery, kidnapping and aggravated assault. He was ordered held without bond.

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