Lyft driver accused of stalking passenger for $1.16

Karen Burd accused of writing 2 handwritten notes, making phone calls

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – A female Lyft driver had her first appearance in court on Wednesday after being arrested for stalking a passenger from a previous ride on Monday.

The victim told police that she scheduled a Lyft ride with Karen Burd on Feb. 13 from work to her home.

 The victim told police that she paid for the ride in full and received a handwritten letter at her workplace requesting an additional $1.16 for the trip.

The victim called Lyft to get a resolution to the problem, and the company said it would follow up with her.
Burd is accused of leaving phone messages at the victim's place of employment.

The victim received another note on Feb. 17 that said, “She was passing by and wanted the $1.16,” the report said.

The report said the victim's co-workers told her that Burd was looking for her at her job.

The victim told police on Monday that “she clearly observed Karen as she entered the hotel” and “heard Karen ask her co-workers where she was at and if she had any money left for her,” the report said.

The victim told her superiors and security about the incident.

She told police that she feared for her safety and her life after Burd showed up at her job "unannounced, uninvited and without permission," the report said.

When police made contact with Burd, she admitted that she wanted to make contact with the victim for the sole purpose of collecting $1.16, the report said.

A judge set Burd’s bond at $500 and ordered her not to have any contact victim or go near the any Double Tree Hotel in Orange County.

She must also surrender any weapons or ammunition to law enforcement.

Burd was arrested on Monday on one count of stalking. She was released from jail on Wednesday morning.

Lyft sent News 6 a statement about the incident:

"The safety of the Lyft community is our top priority and this type of behavior is unacceptable. After learning about this incident from the passenger, we immediately and permanently removed the driver’s access to Lyft. We stand ready to support the authorities in their investigation."