Student loses battle to save Aloma Bowl

Danielle Allison says she's concerned about future of high school bowling team

(Erik Sandoval/WKMG)

WINTER PARK, Fla. – A student trying to prevent a bowling alley from shutting down lost her battle Tuesday night.

Danielle Allison, 15, told News 6 she is very concerned about the future of the Winter Park High School bowling team after Aloma Bowl announced it was closing, selling its land to Orchard Supply Hardware, which plans to build a new store on the site.

"I speak for the community when I say we do not deserve to have a bowling alley closed," Danielle told the Winter Park Planning and Zoning Commission on Tuesday.

The commission was deciding on whether OSH's proposals for its new store obeyed city code when Danielle and several of her supporters spoke during public comments.

Danielle had set up a petition, which got more than 2,300 signatures, asking the city of Winter Park to save the bowling alley.

The hardware store's representatives, however, were quick to point out that the Planning and Zoning Commission could not save the bowling alley.

"It's unfair to lay at this board's feet that you need to save Aloma Bowl," she said.

The commission agreed, saying the only way for the bowling alley to be saved was for the owner not to sell it.
Danielle said she was disappointed.

"It made me grateful to realize that our community is able to come together for this kind of thing," she told News 6. "I'm so happy about that. Whether we won or lost, I know that it was a win for our community -- just knowing that we could be together."

The Planning and Zoning Commission's recommendation goes before the Winter Park City Council on March 27.

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