Woman with knife chases away would-be robber, police say

Teen said he planned to steal car so he could visit girlfriend


APOPKA, Fla. – A woman armed herself with a kitchen knife and chased away a teenage boy who broke into her home so he could steal her car to drive to visit his girlfriend, the Apopka Police Department said. 

The woman was home alone shortly before 6 p.m. Wednesday when the boy knocked on her door and asked if he could use her restroom. The woman let the boy in when he said he lived in the neighborhood.

While he was using the restroom, she realized it wasn't a good idea to have a stranger in the house when she was home alone so she grabbed a kitchen knife and positioned it in a drawer where she could easily access it if she needed to defend herself, the report said.

The boy asked the woman if she could help him find his way back home so the two went outside and she used the GPS on her cellphone to point her in the correct direction. 

The woman walked back to her doorway when the boy started to leave, but a few moments later, he ran back toward her and startled her. He apologized for scaring her but then pushed her into the home, grabbed her by the neck, covered her mouth and dragged her to the guest room, police said.

"If you don't stop screaming, I will break your neck," the teen repeatedly told the victim as he had her in a headlock on the bed, according to the arrest report.

He demanded her car keys and cellphone, police said. When she asked why he needed the car, he said he wanted to use it to drive from Apopka to Poinciana to visit his girlfriend, according to the report.

The woman asked the teen to get off her so she could get the keys for him. He agreed, which allowed the woman to get the knife she had placed in the kitchen drawer before the attack, police said.

The teen ran when he saw the woman was armed, according to the arrest report. Police said the woman chased after the teen as he ran through the neighborhood, screaming that she was going to kill him.

Officers said they found the teen walking down Rolling Hills Lane. He admitted to breaking into the woman's home and trying to steal her keys, the report said.

The 15-year-old boy is charged with robbery.


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