Police release bodycam, 911 calls from shooting that left mother, son dead

911 calls made before, after fatal shooting

SANFORD, Fla. – Sanford police on Friday released body camera videos of two domestic incidents that took place between a shooting suspect and his girlfriend hours before authorities said he fatally shot her with his AK-47.

Police also released 911 calls from frantic neighbors who woke to the sound of gunshots and from a friend of the victim who wanted officers to conduct a well-being check.

Allen D. Cashe was arrested Monday after police said he shot his girlfriend Latina Herring, 35, seven times. Her father was shot five times and her two sons, ages 7 and 8, were shot a combined total of three times, according to an arrest report.

Herring's oldest son, Branden Christian, 8, died a day after he was shot.

Sanford police Chief Cecil Smith said in a video statement that an additional charge of first-degree murder was added to Cashe’s charges.

“On March 28, unfortunately and heartbreakingly, Branden Christian died as the result of injuries he (suffered) during the shooting on March 27,” Smith said.

Smith said Branden’s 56-year-old grandfather is still in critical condition at Central Florida and his younger brother remains in stable condition at Arnold Palmer Hospital.


Two other shooting victims, Rakeya Danielle Jackson and Lazaro Paradesquelite, are in stable condition at Central Florida Regional Hospital. Both are bystanders who were shot as Cashe was fleeing the area, police said.

Cashe called 911 at 3:20 a.m. Monday before officers responded to a Wawa gas station in Sanford where Cashe and Herring were arguing over a set of keys, records show. Smith said Cashe was searched and had no weapons on him or in his vehicle.

Lots of yelling, most of it undecipherable, could be heard in the call.

"I need an officer to Wawa," Cashe said. "(Girl) just took my keys, broke my belongings."

The call ended amid more yelling.

Body camera video of the incident shows several police officers trying to calm Herring and Cashe as they both yell about keys.

[VIDEO: Police called to Wawa before fatal shooting]

Herring told responding officers that Cashe took her house key, so she took his car keys in return. Cashe claims that he doesn't have her key.

The video shows officers asking for Cashe's ID, but it does not show them searching Cashe or his vehicle.

Herring called a friend soon after the first incident, hours before she was killed, and her friend called police at 3:37 a.m. Monday, asking them to escort her home.

"She said her boyfriend just hit her and threw her out of the car. She said Sanford police came and just let him go," the 911 caller said.

Police determined that Herring and Cashe were the same couple involved in the dispute at WaWa and went to Herring's home at 209 Hays Drive. Police said they found the pair in the yard arguing about the keys again.

Officers at the home accuse Herring of "making false accusations" against Cashe, body camera video shows.

"No more of your drama, OK?" one officer told Herring.

In the video, Herring goes into the house to get Cashe's stuff.

Herring gave the officers a red bag of Cashe's belongings that included a 9 mm Glock handgun, police said. The Glock was not used in the shootings and Cashe never had it in his possession or handled it, Smith said.

"He was smart enough to be like 'Dude, I think there's a gun in there,' because he didn't want to take it," an officer said in the body camera video.

Cashe was searched a second time and officers determined that he had no weapon on him and he refused to take the bag with the weapon in it, Smith said.

"Did you see him with it?" one officer asked another.

It is illegal for Cashe, who is a convicted felon, to poses a weapon.

[VIDEO: Confrontation at Sanford home]

Officials said Cashe was not arrested because the disputes were civil and police had no evidence that any crime had taken place. Smith supported his officer's actions.

Cashe shot and killed Herring fewer than three hours later, police said.

At least a dozen neighbors called 911 after they were awakened by the sound of Cashe firing at least 15 rounds from his AK-47.

“Somebody’s shooting outside, somebody’s screaming,” a neighbor told dispatchers. “I’m not going near the window. It’s way too close.”

One of the neighbors helped Herring’s father, Bertis Gerard Herring Jr., as he was lying on someone's front yard, bleeding from a gaping wound on his abdomen. Police said he was shot five times.

“Ma’am, he’s been shot,” the neighbor said.

Herring Jr. told the neighbor that he was in bed when the shooting started. He can be heard in the background moaning in pain.

“He has children, daughters, wife all in his house,” the 911 caller said.

Cashe was arrested Monday by a nearby Sanford police officer at Seminole Garden Apartments soon after the fatal shooting. Police said Cashe shot Herring in retaliation for getting authorities involved in their earlier dispute, according to the arrest report.

Cashe is charged with two counts of first-degree homicide, four counts of attempted first-degree premeditated homicide, one count of second-degree attempted homicide, one count of being felon with a firearm, and one count of violation of parole - for being a felon with a firearm.

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