Dangerous snake photobombs mom's picture of 2-year-old daughter


KANIVA, AUSTRALIA – While taking a picture of her 2-year-old daughter, a mother thought she saw a piece of bark moving next to the girl.

It was much more dangerous than that.

What was moving was actually a large venomous snake that slithered right next to her daughter Jodie as she was smiling for the camera.

Bianca Dickinson posted the picture to Facebook with a detailed explanation of what went down down under in Australia.

In the post, Dickinson said it was "really windy" and thought the object was a piece of bark flying from a nearby tree.

When she looked up from the camera, she noticed it was a brown snake that came within feet of Jodie.

ABC says Dickinson believes the unwelcomed photobomber was either an eastern brown snake or a king brown snake, both of which are venomous.

"I couldn't believe it, I can't even look at it to be honest, it's still terrifying," Dickinson told ABC.