Police: Man arrested, accused of selling counterfeit WrestleMania 33 tickets

Gordon Cross charged with scheme to defraud, forgery

ORLANDO, Fla. – A man was arrested Sunday after he was accused selling counterfeit tickets to WrestleMania 33 through an ad he allegedly posted on Craigslist.

Gordon Cross is accused of selling a floor-seat ticket for WrestleMania 33 for $900.

The alleged victim, David Cook, told police he contacted Cross about his ad on Craigslist. His ticket to WrestleMania was 30 years in the making.

"I've been waiting 30 years to go to WrestleMania," Cook told News 6.

Cook told News 6 that he has purchased items from Craigslist before and has never had a problem.

Cook thought Cross was selling him a floor ticket worth $2,100 for a discount.

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The victim said he met Cross at McDonald’s and paid Cross $900 in cash. He also told police that he took a photo of Cross.

According to the report, when the victim arrived at Camping World Stadium, he was told his ticket was counterfeit.

"They scan the ticket and it puts a red X They tell me I gotta go to customer service," Cook said.

Police searched the area for Cross and found him at a Citgo gas station, and he agreed to be searched.

Police said they found seven other counterfeit tickets on Cross.

Cross told officers that he didn't know the tickets were counterfeit and that he was helping his nephew by selling the tickets.

Cook told News 6 luckily he was able to get his money back.

Cross was arrested and charged with scheme to defraud or obtain property and possession of forged admission tickets with intent to defraud.

News 6 asked Orlando police how purchasers can stay safe when buying tickets. Sgt. Wanda Miglio said it is best to buy tickets from the source because that's the only way to make sure they are real.

Police also advised purchasers not to wire any money and to research the tickets they are buying. Double check to make sure they have not been sold or used. The main safety tip is to meet the seller in a public place.