Rare antelope calf born at Brevard Zoo

Newest resident is a scimitar-horned oryx calf


MELBOURNE, Fla. – The Brevard Zoo has a new resident.

At the end of February, mother Kitcha and father Nuri gave birth to a scimitar-horned oryx calf.

Kitcha was a first time mother and showed no interest in her new calf. After zoo officials discovered the day after the calf's birth that it had no been fed yet, they took her out of the exhibit.

The calf is being hand-reared and taken care of by the Brevard Zoo staff. She lives in an area where she can continue to see and smell the heard.

Zoo officials say she was a small newborn, so they are making sure that they properly monitor the calf's weight and food intake. 

Scimitar-horned onyx became extinct in the wild in 1999 due to climate change and an increase in hunting.