Deputies: 2 men arrested for stealing from pawn shop to bond friend out of jail

Jimmie Lewis, Joshua Henson bond out of jail


POLK COUNTY, Fla. – Two men who wanted to help to bond a friend out of jail were arrested Saturday for stealing a pressure washer from a pawn shop, authorities said.

According to the Polk County’s sheriff’s Facebook page, Jimmie Lewis and Joshua Henson stole a pressure washer from a Lake Miriam pawn shop.

The pair walked into the shop, took the pressure washer and threw it in the bed of their truck, deputies said.

The men told deputies that they stole the pressure washer "to make money to bond a friend out of jail,” the Facebook post said.

The owner of the shop gave deputies a description of Lewis and Henson and their truck.

Both men have since bonded out of jail, but deputies had a tip for anyone who is trying to help out a friend.

“If you want to bail someone out of jail, don't get yourself into trouble doing it,” the Facebook post said.