Pedi problems: Orlando woman threatens nail salon techs with pen, deputies say

Woman upset employee didn't understand request during pedicure

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ORLANDO, Fla. – A woman threatened and bit an Orange Blossom Trail nail salon employee Monday after the technician did not understand her request during a pedicure, according to the  Orange County Sheriff's Office.

Louise Bortugno, 36, was at OBT Nail Salon getting a pedicure when deputies said she asked the woman to scrape her feet. The employee did not speak English and directed her Bortugno to speak to the manager, according to the arrest report.

Witnesses said Bortugno began yelling at the employee, "Are you retarded?" The manager came over and asked Bortugno to not speak to her employee that way. Bortugno lashed out hitting and biting the manager, deputies said.

Louise Bortugno, 36.

When deputies arrived Bortugno was threatening everyone in the salon with a pen, saying, "She was going to kill (them) all." She also threw nail supplies at the employees, according to the arrest report.

Bortugno told deputies that the salon employees attacked her. Deputies said the salon manager defended herself out of fear for her safety and the safety of others in the salon.

Bortugo is charged with aggravated assault and battery. She bonded out of the Orange County Jail on $2,600 bond, according to jail records.