Volusia County beach conditions will be hazardous during holiday weekend

Expect rip currents, high tides

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DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – It's a special Easter for the Rose family this year.

"For the first time, the kids get to experience this," Mary Ann Rose said, referring to a weekend full of fun, sun and roaring waves.

"Yes, we try to keep them close because of the undertow," Rose said.

"The rip currents are going to be the biggest hazard this weekend," Capt.Tammy Marris said.

Volusia County Beach Safety Patrol will be flying the red flag and manning all the lifeguard towers.

"They have lifeguards here to protect us from that to let us know what the conditions are," Jody Orris said.

Another complicated factor expected on Volusia County beaches: high tide at midday.

"When we have a midday high tide, we have to close the beach for driving. We do expect that all weekend long," Marris said. "It could be two to four hours before you can get on the beach for parking. We do expect our off-beach parking to fill up because of this."

Beach Safety Patrol said as long as people pay attention and swim in front of an open lifeguard tower, it should be smooth sailing this holiday weekend.

"Common sense, just be aware and you'll have a good time," Orris said.

Lifeguards also flew the purple flag to warn beachgoers about Portuguese man o' wars washing ashore.

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