Chihuahua snatching: Owner says therapy dog stolen

Pup taken at Beach Motors

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla.Update: Owner Darby Barker told News 6 Monday that her Chihuahua Creamy was returned to her by a man who claimed he bought the dog for $40.

Watch the update below:


A Daytona Beach dog owner is doing everything he can to get his therapy Chihuahua back after he said a woman snatched the pup Thursday afternoon.

"It's like somebody kidnapped or disturbed your child,” owner Darby Barker said. “Maybe it's hard for people to understand. I don't have children, those are my children.”

Barker has two Chihuahuas named "Creamy" and "Dreamy.”

He said someone stole 8-month-old Creamy while she was at Beach Motors, where Barker works.

Barker said a family in a maroon SUV saw Creamy inside the gate and pulled over.

"The wife ran out and came up on the property, or the female, and then grabbed the dog,” Barker said. “Somebody  was hollering at her to stop, she turned and looked and told her husband to ‘Go, go, go!’”

John Dinkel, who panhandles on the corner of Mason Avenue, said he saw it all.

He described the vehicle as "a maroon covered, newer Buick.”

"Some people opened their car door (and) were whistling and coaxing the dog to the vehicle," he said.

No one could catch them in time.

Barker said he's contacted police and will be posting signs offering a reward to bring his dog home.

"I'm not mad at them,” Barker said. “I just want my animal back.”