New piglets grace Disney's Animal Kingdom

Mom named Chloe is a red river hog


LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – Disney's Animal Kingdom just got a whole lot cuter.

Last week, Chloe, a red river hog at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, gave birth to two baby male piglets.

Chloe is a first-time mom and will remain out of the limelight while she begins raising her two piglets. But, Disney couldn't resist sharing these adorable photos of the piglets in the meantime. 

Red river hogs are born with the stripes you see in the photos. These colors help them blend into vegetation when they are young and keep them safe from predators. As they get older, they will begin to develop a bright russet fur coat just like their mother's.

Disney has not announced when the piglets will be allowed to be viewed by the public. 

Last Sunday, Chloe, a red river hog at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, gave birth to two male piglets! Chloe, who is a...

Posted by Disney's Animals, Science and Environment on Friday, April 28, 2017