Smartphone app blocks thousands of robocalls

30,000 customers using new 'Nomorobo' system

ORLANDO, Fla.Smartphone customers who are tired of receiving unwanted robocalls have a weapon to block the calls, thanks to the inventor of New York-based Nomorobo.

The successful high-tech robocall monitoring system debuted two years ago. It was designed to block unwanted calls from hitting landline phone systems.

Now, it is being offered to anyone with Apple’s iOS 10.1 + smartphones, with a version for Android phones coming soon.

Aaron Foss, Nomorobo's founder, said the company always intended to offer security for the cellphone market, but the systems weren’t compatible.

Now, just three months after its debut, Foss‘ Nomorobo smartphone app is ranked in the top 15 in the Apple App Store.

“Half of the market is iPhones and half of the market is Androids,” Foss told WKMG News 6. ”So if we can get out now and protect everyone’s smartphone, I think the robocallers’ days are numbered.”

The app is easy to download and starts with a 30-day free trial, so if you decide it’s not right for you,
Foss said, you can simply cancel.

“They’re always calling from different numbers,” Foss said. “We’re actually detecting over 1,000 new
robocall numbers every single day.”

The landline version is still free while the smartphone version starts off with a 30-day free trial and then costs $1.99 per month.

The system currently stops over 490,000 robocalls.

Foss said the Android version will be tested in a few weeks and will be offered to the public this June.

For more information on security protection for landline phones or smartphones, go to www.nomorobo.com.

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