Florida women claim dying groom is conman

Former girlfriend: 'He loved us all from the second he laid eyes on us'

PALM BAY, Fla. – Sixty-year-old Ken Boyer, of Palm Bay, has a circle of friends that call him an “inspiration” for defying the odds of stage 4 liver cancer, but the women he left behind say he is nothing but a conman. 

The allegations started to emerge following a special report on WKMG-TV that featured Boyer’s wedding to Michelle Kimbrel, a Missouri woman he “reconnected” with on Facebook a few weeks ago.

The women didn’t know the others even existed until Barbara Jones, a Brevard County woman paying Boyer’s cellphone bill, started checking his call records.

Trish Marsee, a hairstylist in Winter Park, was on the list.

She said Boyer told her he loved her during their first lunch date.

“There were red flags as far as him pushing to move in with me and pushing to have a relationship,” she told WKMG-TV.

Marsee said the couple celebrated his birthday last year in Sarasota.

She said there were a few more dates and she ended it.

“I’m too young to be a caretaker," she told WKMG-TV. “He said he had a lot of illnesses.”

The women who dated Boyer say they met him on SingleParentMeet.com and that the cancer issue would always come up.

His "love at first sight" line is alleged by every woman we interviewed.

Karen Hagerty, a teacher from Winter Haven,  called Boyer “a master manipulator and conman.”

“He loved every single one of us," Hagerty said, “and he loved us all from the second he laid eyes on u … He’s very good at what he does.”

Boyer’s trail of jilted lovers spans  Winter Haven, Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville and Sebastian in southern Brevard County.

The women said it seemed Boyer was after meals and a place to live to avoid the woman he called the “old landlady.”

It turns out the landlady was Barbara Jones. of Sebastian, Florida, a woman he had been living with since late 2015.

Jones said she met Boyer at a golf course, not an online dating service.

Jones was convinced Boyer loved her and was going to spend the rest of his life with her.

Last week, she filed a civil lawsuit against Boyer to recoup $22,000 she had loaned him.

The canceled checks and a signed promissory note have been filed as evidence in court.

In Miami, Cheryl Alvarez said Ken Boyer said he loved her, too, and there was even talk of marriage.

“I was his Jamaican princess," she said. “He has a way with words.”

But while Alvarez admitted to having a intimate relationship with Boyer, she told  WKMG-TV he never asked her for money.

Still, Alvarez said she was suspicious of his claims that he was suffering from stage 4 cancer.

The “red flag,” she said, was a motorcycle trip they took together from Miami to Key West.

"It’s five hours to the Keys and five hours back, someone going through liver cancer stage 4 can’t do that," she said.

In a text to WKMG-TV, Boyer responded; ”I’m not denying that I know them. I have dated them all, I am not going to play their game. The people that truly know me and truly love me still do, but you haven’t talked to any of them. You are only talking to angry, hateful, jealous women.”

As to the questions surrounding his stage 4 cancer diagnosis, he seemed to skirt the issue.

“Nobody said anything about weeks to live, and I’m sorry the drama card was used to sell the story, but we are done with this," Boyer said.

He declined to present any medical evidence that he has been diagnosed or is being treated for liver, lung or brain cancer.

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