Mother accused of driving van into ocean appears in court

Doctors to testify in June

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – A conference was held Wednesday to discuss the status of Ebony Wilkerson's court-ordered supervision at a state medical hospital.

Judge Leah Ransbottom-Case said the court received two letters from medical professionals within the last month, but each letter offered different opinions about Wilkerson's mental status.

On May 4, a doctor wrote that Wilkerson still met the criteria for involuntary commitment. However, on May 30, a different doctor told the judge she no longer met the criteria.

Wilkerson made headlines around the world in March 2014 when the then-pregnant mother drove her SUV into the water off Daytona Beach, along with her three children.

Following the incident, Wilkerson was on a conditional release after being found not guilty by reason of insanity on child abuse charges.

In July 2016, her bond was revoked after prosecutors said she stopped taking her medication and suffered a "psychotic episode" at a treatment facility. She's been under strict medical supervision ever since.

After reviewing the two medical opinions in court Wednesday, Ransbottom-Case said she would like to speak to both doctors who wrote the letters.

The doctors are expected to appear at a future hearing, which will be scheduled by the end of June.

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