Security camera footage shows 'suspicious' visits to St. Cloud woman's home

Man, woman claimed to be from ADT

ST. CLOUD, Fla. – The St. Cloud Police Department is investigating a suspicious incident after a homeowner felt uneasy with a couple of people who knocked on her door.

Candy Perkin lives with her father in St. Cloud and said that on Wednesday afternoon, a woman showed up, claiming to be from their security company, ADT.

"I could obviously see that she was not in a uniform from the company that I use," Perkin said. "She looked down at the sign and she (said) to me, 'Oh, this security company.'"

Perkin said the woman wouldn't show her any identification or a business card.

St. Cloud police said an officer spent time trying to locate the woman caught on camera but didn't find her.

Several hours after police came to Perkin's house, she said another man knocked on the door.

Security camera footage shows the conversation on Perkin's front porch. The man is heard saying he is not with ADT, but does want to discuss her ADT account. He also has an ADT sticker on his folder.

"The thing is, when he came to the door, he asked for my dad and my mother's name, who, my mom has nothing to do with this property whatsoever," Perkin said. "She's not even in the area. They asked not even my name, and my name is on the security system."

Perkin said several of her neighbors are also on high alert.

"On a daily basis, people just (keep) letting people into their house and opening up their doors and not double checking to verify that that's the actual person," Perkin said.

As of now, St. Cloud police said no crime has been committed. However, law enforcement would like to identify and talk with the two people, and called them suspicious.

Anyone with information on the two people in the video is asked to call St. Cloud police at 407-891-6700.

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