CVS shopper shows obscene video to cashier, deputies say

Man shoves phone in employees' faces while checking out

PORT ST. JOHN, Fla. – A CVS shopper played a lewd video on his phone in front of a cashier and store manager, Brevard County sheriff's deputies said Wednesday.

Deputies said the incident happened Tuesday night around 10:30 when the man, seen on the Fay Boulevard store's surveillance camera, went to pay for a can of beer.

In addition to the cash, deputies said he also pulled out his phone and displayed it to the 21-year-old woman at the register.

"He showed them a video on his phone that was quite disturbing to them," said Tod Goodyear with the Brevard County Sheriff's Office.

Goodyear said in the video, the man was committing a lewd act on himself.

"It was disturbing. He kept pushing the phone towards her while she was cashing him out," the cashier's mother told News 6 under terms of anonymity.

"She's crying hysterically," the mother recalled, describing the moments when she got to the store after receiving a text from her daughter about the situation.

After playing the obscene video in front of the cashier, the man then played it to the woman managing the store as he was exiting, deputies said.

The manager called authorities and investigators found the man overnight. Deputies said he was not arrested.

"It's a little different in the fact of there's evidence that would need to be collected to prove this case," Goodyear said. "As far as, is the video still on the phone? Did he delete the video? It's really tough not knowing all the particulars in this case to exactly say what crime we might have."

The spokesman for the sheriff's office said if charges are to be pursued, it would only be a misdemeanor count.

That's because the women in this case were both adults and the man did not forcefully make them watch the video.

"It's very unsettling," said the cashier's mother. "I kind of understand, somewhat, what they're saying but still, it was disturbing. It was very disturbing."

CVS tells the cashier's mother the man will be banned from the store.

Deputies said that means if he comes back, he can be arrested.

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