Titusville reclaimed water does not meet standards set by FDEP, city says

City working to correct issue

TITUSVILLE, Fla. – City officials said Titusville reclaimed water does not meet the standards set by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection at this time.

The city is working to correct the issue. When the reclaimed water meets FDEP standards, customers will be notified.

City officials told customers not use reclaimed water until they receive a notice that it meets these quality standards.

Reclaimed water is not a guaranteed service and may be subject to limited or discontinued availability, city officials said.

In accordance with section 21- 295, in the City of Titusville Code of Ordinances: "The city reserves the right to temporarily discontinue service to any portion of, or the entire, reclaimed water system as deemed necessary by the administrator."

Reminders from the city:

  • Reclaimed water can not be used for human consumption or piped into homes.
  • Reclaimed water can not be used to fill swimming pools or to irrigate vegetables that are not peeled, cooked or thermally processed before being consumed.
  • When use is restored, reclaimed water users must follow the irrigation restrictions listed on www.titusville.com/irrigation. Irrigation restrictions apply to reclaimed water, drinking water and well water.

For questions regarding reclaimed water, call 321-567-3891.