Bear climbs up Volusia County tree for second time in a week

Scared bear is trying to find woods, officials say

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – A bear that was stuck in a tree in a Holly Hill shopping center last week has once again gotten stuck in a tree, this time in Daytona Beach, officials said.

The bear, believed to be a 1- or 2-year-old male, was spotted in the 900 block of Beville Road in Daytona Beach around 11:30 a.m. Monday. Witnesses said the bear ran through the parking lot, darted into traffic, then climbed up a nearby tree when vehicles started honking at it.

"It was running and then it ran out into the street into traffic. Someone honked their horn and then it just ran up the tree and been there ever since," Sydney Blevins said.

Florida Fish and Wildlife officials said an officer is on the way to keep crowds from gathering around the bear and further frightening the already scared animal.

On Thursday, the same bear climbed up a tree at a Winn-Dixie shopping center in Holly Hill, which is about six miles away. The bear came down at one point, but then panicked when it saw so many people and went up another tree that was about 20 feet away.

"It looks like he's starving," said Skylor Mayer, an employee at a nearby pizza place.

FWC officials said the nearly 200-pound bear was likely forced out of its family recently so its mother could mate, and is now migrating in search of woods to call home.

"We just hope that it can come down safe without getting hurt or harming anyone else," Blevins said.

Daytona Beach Animal Control is working to contain the bear.

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