UPDATE: Daytona Beach fire leaves 1 man, 2 dogs dead, officials say

Ocean Dunes Road fire leaves Edwin Hamer dead, officials say


DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – The fire that happened at a two-story home in the 500 block of Ocean Dunes Road on Saturday killed two dogs and a man who was unable to get out on his own, officials said.

Edwin Hamer, 67, and his two Dalmatian dogs died during the Daytona Beach fire. Hamer's wife managed to get out of the house. The Daytona Beach Fire Department said she was able to get out on her own, but was not able to get her husband out due to him being bedridden.

Firefighters were able to get the fire extinguished after two hours, officials said.

The interior of the home is completely damaged and unlivable, according to the Fire Department, adding that the roof collapsed and nothing is salvageable.

The State Fire Marshal arrived at the scene to conduct an investigation to determine the cause of the fire, as well as where the fire started, fire officials said.

More Daytona Beach firefighters were brought in to relieve the original firefighters who battled the fire. Officials said firefighters were working to ensure the fire didn't reignite.