2 cases of Legionnaires' disease reported from hot tub in Clermont community

Summit Greens is 55+ adult community

CLERMONT, Fla. – The Florida Department of Health has confirmed two cases of Legionnaires' disease at the Summit Greens community in Clermont.

The department was notified of the first case on May 25 and officials said they received two notifications on May 26.

"Based on the case interviews that we were able to conduct we suspect that exposure could have happened as early as April 1 to as late as the beginning of May. We have extended that to include the entire month of May to see if there are any additional cases to really pinpoint the exposure date, officials said.

The hot tub was closed until June 6, when the results came back, officials said.

The results of the test did not find any legionella growth. However, the cases were determined between April 1 and May 30.

A third person was hospitalized for symptoms and tested negative using a urine antogin test, but that person has died, a Lake County Health Department officials said.

The department of health is asking the residents to come and get tested.

"We are urging them to seek medical attention and to talk to their health care providers if they are concerned for their health, official said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said people with the highest risk are 50 years or older, or people with a compromised immune system.

Legionnaires' disease is spread by the legionella bacteria, which, according to CDC, can grow and multiply in various parts of a building's water system.

The CDC said the bacteria grows best in warm water and can cause pneumonia-like symptoms, cough, shortness of breath, muscle aches, fever, and headaches. Symptoms can show up as many as 10 days after exposure.

"The Association’s pool cleaning vendor is aware of the concern, and as a precaution, they were here on Thursday, June 8, 2017, to perform a remediation by the protocol of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The remediation is completed, and the spa has been re-opened," a statement from Summit Green's board of directors said.

The news of these reported cases of Legionnaires' disease comes a day after four cases were reported at two L.A. Fitness locations in Orlando.