'I helped her,' man arrested in hit-and-run in Sanford says

William Carr, 28, arrested, bonded out of jail Tuesday

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – The person of interest in an early Monday morning hit-and-run arrest has bonded out of jail, officials said.

William Carr, 28, posted $15,000 bond in Seminole County and was released early on Tuesday.

Investigators said a woman was hit about 6 a.m. while she was walking on the side of 24th Street, east of Hartwell Avenue.

"I helped her," Carr said.

'If you helped her why did you drive away?" News 6 reporter Mark Lehman asked.

"She said she was OK," Carr said.

A woman named Jo-Nytranna Young posted to Sanford police's Facebook page Monday night, saying she was the woman who was hit by the car. "Thank you for assisting me," she wrote. "I ask we bring him to justice. I'm very hurt and ask for prayers."

A picture was also posted showing Young with a swollen eye and blood on her face.

She told News 6 she can only see out of one eye, and she is having difficulty with her balance.